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Considering the tremendous changes that await health in the coming decades are based on the technological explosion, demographic changes and new approaches to clinical management, the hospital structure inevitably have to adapt, to evolve the concept of hospitals open, flexible, with a close connection with two-way community setting.


In this way arise SPECIALTY HOSPITAL REGIONAL HIGH (HRAES) as a public National Health System, members of the Network of High Specialty Services (REDS) that provide health care services framed in the definition of highly specialized, with a Productive Social Organization of extreme complexity and proposed a conceptual framework and operational functionally represents the articulation of all the processes that lead to the achievement of the mission and objectives of the establishment of health care.


For the State of Chiapas in the National Master Plan for Health Physical Infrastructure authorized a Regional Centre comprising 2 High Specialty Hospitals High Specialty: Pediatric Specialty Hospital in Tuxtla Gutiérrez and Tapachula Health City Hospital, led by a central structure of administration, issued the Edict of its creation as a decentralized agency of the Federal Public Administration in the Official Journal of the Federation on November 29, 2006.


It was anticipated that the Regional Centre have sufficient capacity to meet the housing needs of highly specialized medical care to the uninsured without any assurance, especially considering the changes contained in the General Health Law, incorporated in the late 2003. Also allow the accession of many communities to the call socially protected population, hence, you are in a position to gauge the necessary institutional support requirements, including the private sector.


With the opening of the Regional Centre (with support from the federal executive), coupled with the strengthening of medical infrastructure and technology in general hospitals, the state increased its ability to solve the demand for care at 100% under a scheme strict adherence to their level and under effective counter-referral system.


Regional Center of High Specialty acquires a permanent stewardship policies that foster growth efforts, both the response capacity and its quality, efficiency and dealing with human sense, to the extent that it can become self-sufficient in the care recipient and become of all public and private sectors.


Our Values: Accountability, Equity, Commitment, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Kindness.





Provide Highly Specialized Services to the population of the State of Chiapas, with high sense of opportunity and human, in a quality environment, with highly trained, cutting-edge techniques and processes and independently of management, to resolve their health problems. Get the recognition of hospitals as centers of high-level reference, human resource training and research integrated operation and consolidation of the NHS, particularly in the service networks in the state.





Establishments manage to be leaders in health care, higher resolution, self-sustaining service, cutting-edge medicine and reference for quality and efficiency to the attention of highly specialized conditions considered for the entire population of the state of Chiapas; and become centers of research and teaching in health, user satisfaction and service provider.



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